RARE Matched Quad Mullard NOS/NIB M8162/ECC81/12AT7 Dual getter support tubes

For sale is a RARE Matched Quad Mullard NOS/NIB M8162/CV4024/ECC81/12AT7WA Dual getter support Copper plates tube.

One of the very best 12at7 tube you can buy. Dual getter support provides the tube with additional rigid structure and copper plates help with heat dissipation. Result is a fantastic performance and transparency. These tubes measure -86-87 dB for noise, which is incredible - ultra low noise tube.

Made in England in Mitcham military factory, 1968. Test very strong at NEW level.

Same date codes: R8A2

Test Results (MaxiPreamp 2, min: 0.8)
Tube 1: 2.1/2.1
Tube 2: 2.1/2.0
Tube 3: 2.0/2.0
Tube 4: 2.1/2.1
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